To create new shipments, all you have to do is highlight each shipment, and then click “Create Selected Shipment” as shown in the below image. This will make a new shipment in your Shipping Queue on Seller Central. Move to your Shipping Queue to print shipping labels and complete the shipment.

Once all of your shipments have been created, your batch will be completed and automatically close in the event that you have chosen not to provide Box Content Information via InventoryLab. However, if you have chosen to provide Box Content Information, you will be prompted to enter your box content details. See: Providing Box Content – Private Workflow page.

Not Creating All of Your Shipments

You do not have to create all the shipments. Looking at the example above, let’s say you decide that you do not want to send the shipment to IND5 right away. At this point, you have 2 choices:

1. You can create the shipment and leave it in Working Status. By doing this, you are able to Add to the Existing Shipment when you have items in other batches that meet the criteria to do so. The 4 requirements for adding to an existing shipment are:

  • The first shipment that you are adding to has to be sent from InventoryLab (it cannot have been created through a shipping plan in seller central)
  • The destinations must match
  • They must be the same label prep type. For example you cannot combine a NO_LABEL with a SELLER_LABEL shipment.
  • Amazon doesn’t allow you to add additional quantities for MSKUs that already exist in your working shipment that you are adding to. If you want to increase your quantities for items, you need to do that within seller central. Only use the “add to existing” for unique MSKUs that you want to add to the shipment, but do not exist already in the shipment.

2. Create the two that you do want to send. If you are NOT providing Box Content information, then just click the three horizontal lines on the left hand side of the page by the batch name and click “close”. This does not delete anything, it simply moves the batch to closed batches without you sending that final shipment.

You can then relist the items contained in the shipment you did not create in a new batch at a later date.

If you ARE providing Box Content Information, simply click the “Enter Box Contents” button.

A popup will appear just to make sure you do not want to create the remaining shipments before continuing.

After you click “Yes”, you will be prompted to enter your box content details. See: Providing Box Content – Private Workflow page.

Deleting a Sub MSKU

Navigate to Inventory->FBA

Find and Click on the MSKU you need to adjust

Click on the checkbox on the left hand side and choose the Delete option from the dropdown box that appears in the upper right hand corner

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