Error Message Interpretation Recommended Action
Insufficient inventory capacity for the operation From Amazon Seller Forums – You may have an inventory storage limit. Inventory storage limits generally apply to new FBA sellers and existing FBA sellers with slower-turning inventory. If your Amazon FBA account is configured for Unlimited storage: One of the items in the Preview may have an ASIN level capacity restriction. The ASIN may also be in a gated category or a restricted brand. Unfortunately, Amazon does not tell us which item is causing the error. If you are getting this error while you are listing the product, you can list the item via Merchant Fulfilled, or contact Amazon Seller Support for specific inquiries about the ASIN
Item Under Hazmat Review Potential Hazardous Material (Hazmat). Product under review by Amazon. The product will not be accepted until we have completed our review and determined it meets Amazon’s product compliance standards. This process generally takes between 4-7 business days. This item must be removed from the batch. InventoryLab can not override these restrictions.
Invalid Parent IAID This item has a variation (Parent/Child relationship ASIN). You are trying to list a parent ASIN, but only children can be sent. (The matrix parent ASIN is not a real item) Click on the image of the item to be taken to the catalog listing/product URL. Select the correct varition, and then scroll to find the ASIN in the product details section of the Amazon ASIN URL. Once you locate the ASIN, copy and paste it into a batch to locate the correct child ASIN.
No External Identifier For Existing Map Product is missing the UPC on Seller Central. Locate the UPC for the product, and then update the ASIN accordingly, so that the UPC is included.
Item Excluded From Commingling For Existing Map From Amazon – Not all products are eligible for Stickerless Commingled Inventory. Most notably in grocery, health and beauty, and media products must always be labeled. Amazon is always evaluating categories and products and may change the eligibility for products at any time. Solution: Relist the item with a different MSKU (the current one is tied to the commingling or NO_LABEL status) and either Seller Label or have Amazon label the item.
Not In Product Catalog It could be one of three things: 1) It’s hazmat. 2) It’s restricted and you can’t sell it. 3) It legitimately isn’t in the catalog Possible solution: Check to see if you can add it to a dummy shipping plan in Seller Central. You don’t have to approve shipments, but whether you can or can’t do that will inform you what direction to go. If the item is hazmat or restricted, you will be unable to add it to your batch. If the item is not in the Amazon catalog, you can see if the ASIN has been merged to a new ASIN or attempt to add your product through Seller Central.
Over ASIN Guidance From Amazon Seller Support – FBA guides sellers to align their inventory supply with buyer demand, and they check if there are sufficient inventory capacities for the given items. You are already at the maximum inventory allowed for this product, due to capacity or other restrictions. Solution: Item must be removed from your batch to finish creating your shipment.

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