In order for users to view any objects located on the My EPC page, users must have a responsibility or be either the owners, performers or subscribers of the objects that they wish to view.

It is important for users to remember that they must have assigned themselves to the resource that is associated with the object that they want to appear on the My EPC page. This may be done be in the Organization Module of the EPC Modeler.

There are three possible user relationships:
Users -> Resource > RACI Designation/Owner/Subscriber = Visible Object on My EPC page
Users > Resource > Roles > RACI Designation/Owner/Subscriber = Visible Objects on My EPC page
Users > Subscriber = Visible Objects on My EPC page

Important: Users are created in the Admin Module of the EPC Web Portal by the EPC Admin users. See the Admin Help Guide for further assistance.

  1. Assigning the User to the Resource
  2. Assigning a Resource to a Role
  3. To Subscribe:
    Users may subscribe to an object in both the EPC Web Portal and the EPC Modeler. See the Subscription tab for further assistance.

Becoming an Owner/Performer/Subscriber or RACI designation of an Object

In order for users to view the appropriate objects in the My EPC page, they must be:

  • Either Responsible/Accountable/Consulted/Informed on an object
  • An Owner
  • A Performer (an owner of a flow object i.e tasks, gateways and start/intermediate/end events)
  • A Subscriber

Please see General Tab: Assign a Director or General Tab: Assigning Responsibilities (RACI) for further instruction

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