1. Having selected the relevant Objective Chart in the Measure module; click the Print icon on the EPC toolbar.
The Print Preview window is displayed.

2. Specify the page Settings:

  • Click the “Adjust to %” radio-button and enter a percentage to scale the image by.


  • Click the “Fit to: by” radio-button and enter a page ratio to fit the images to pages.

These settings are displayed in the preview frame.

3. To specify and preview the Header/ Footer Template attached to the process map; select the appropriate template from the drop-down.

4. Select the Printer Paper size from the drop-down.
The following Printer Paper sizes are supported:

5. Specify the page Orientation.
6. Specify the page Margins.
7. In the Page Information section; the Printer Page refers to the entire page whereas the Drawing page excludes the margins.
8. To print, click the Print button.

The Print dialog is displayed.

9. Specify the Print settings.

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