To view the permissions on a specific EPC object:

  1. Right-click the desired object and select Security.
  2. The Security Settings window will pop-up. User permissions already assigned to the environment in the Admin Module are displayed in the Users/Groups/Roles window. Select a specific user, group, or role to view their permissions.
  3. To edit the permissions on existing users, groups, or roles, select the appropriate user/group/role and modify the permissions listed below. The permissions that have already be established through the Admin Module cannot be changed, however, any permission selected in the “Deny” column will override the permissions in the “Allow” column.
  4. You can also add additional users, groups and/or roles to either allow or deny them access to the specific EPC object. Users and groups are created and configured in the Admin Module, while roles are objects created the EPC Modeler. To assign security permissions to a role, you must have already linked your role to the appropriate resources and those resources must already be associated with EPC users.

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