In EPC, all objects that can be edited in the Details Frame have a Version tab. The Version tab displays the version history of the selected item. It includes:

  • version number
  • status
  • date
  • the last user to modify the item
  • any comments entered when the item was checked in

The version tab also displays the Review cycle Frequency and next review date.

The Version tab contains the following buttons:

  • View: Allows the user to view a specific version of the object.
  • Event Log
  • Properties
  • Approval History: Allows the user to view the approval history of the object (that has a Status of ‘Approved’, ‘Rejected’ or ‘Under review’).
  • Compare Versions: Allows the user to view changes between two versions of an object.
  • Audit Trail: Display all past changes of the object.

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