EPC Modeler is a thick client for EPC Server version 10.X and earlier. It provides the user interface for EPC Users to create and manage the EPC content like processes, documents, organization etc…

1. When I click to start the Modeler, I see a file launch.jnlp saved to my PC and nothing happens after that. (or there is a message: “Windows can’t open this type of file (.jnlp))
This message means that you don’t have java installed on your PC. Please install java that meets the system requirements for your version of EPC. For EPC 10.X the required java version is Java 8 update 60 or more recent. Note: Do not use Java 9.

2. The Modeler launches but I don’t see the login prompt. (You may see an error on the screen or a red bullet in the bottom right part of the Modeler window)
Most probably, you have one of two situations:

  • A proxy on your corporate network. The EPC Modeler doesn’t support proxy. Please ask your IT responsible to create a proxy bypass (to allow the full TCP stack, not just HTTP) for the EPC Server address
  • An antivirus on your PC that has a traffic inspection module (like a proxy) that blocks the Modeler communication to EPC Server. Please ask your IT to create a trust rule in your antivirus to allow the Modeler connection to EPC server using the full stack TCP protocol on port 80 (or the same as used in the URL from which the launch.jnlp file was downloaded).

3. When I try to login to Modeler, I get the message “You have exceeded the number of allowed concurrent users.”
This error indicates that all the Modeler licenses are currently taken by other authentication sessions. The modeler licenses may not be released if the Modeler application crashed after a network failure or was closed as a process. In this case, login to EPC Web Admin portal (or ask your EPC Administrator if you don’t have access) and close all the Modeler sessions that were open for long time and no EPC users are known to use them at this moment.

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