The Measure Interface is divided into the following sections:

Section Name Function
1 EPC Navigator drop-down Allows users to navigate between various EPC modules.
2 Diagram Frame tabs Allows users to switch between the Indicators tab (a flat list of key indicators for the selected objective) and the Objective Chart tab (a visual representation of the same data).
3 Explorer Drop-Down Allows users to select various sets of objectives and key indicators.
4 EPC Toolbar Allows users to perform various important functions within EPC.
5 The Explorer Frame Allows users to view a hierarchical structure of objectives and key indicators contained within the selected set.
6 The Diagram Frame Allows users to view the Objective Chart and the lists of indicators associated to the selected objective.
7 Diagram Frame Toolbar Allows users to change the view settings, print and save the Objective Chart.
8 Details Frame tabs Contains multiple fields which allow users to define various details concerning the selected object.
9 The Details Frame Contains the Details Frame tabs, which allow users to modify the details of a selected object.
10 Overview Frame Allows users to see an overview of the entire Objective Chart.

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