EPC objects may be exported to an Excel spreadsheet file for reporting, cataloging, and backup uses. Users may wish to edit the spreadsheet file and then re-importing instead of creating or updating data in the EPC Modeler.

To facilitate ease of use and organization, each EPC object is separated by sheet. Each of these sheets is composed of three sections:

  1. Object details
  2. RASCI-VS associations (if the “Include associations” check box was selected during export)
  3. Associated objects

1. Object details
The object details offer descriptions for each exported object. The number of columns is dependent on the object details specific to a Module. However, each Module has a minimum of 5 set columns. Those are:

  • Identifier: An identifier that is unique to each Module.
  • Name:
  • Type:
  • Category:
  • Description:

2. RASCI-VS associations
The four RASCI-VS associations are:

  • Roles
  • Assets
  • Organizations
  • Resources

3. Associated objects
The associations to an object are listed within the cells of the associated object columns. The number of columns for each sheet is dependent upon the type of possible object-object associations in EPC.

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