The specifications needed to orchestrate a service call are stored in the Implementation Tab.

The Implementation Tab contains the following fields: Web Service Name, Operation, Entity In+Entity Out (see “Entities”), Namespace, URL, Port and Binding Type.

  1. In the Implementation Tab, select the Web Service Name field. Input the exact name of the service that is to be called.
  2. Select the Operation field. Input the name of the procedure that is to be called.
  3. Click Assign next to the Entity In/Entity Out fields.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the appropriate entity to be associated. Click OK.
  5. To remove an associated entity, click Remove next to the Entity In or the Entity Out field.
  6. Select the Namespace field. Input the appropriate domain name.
  7. Select the URL field. Input the appropriate web address.
  8. Select the Port field. Input the appropriate port number.
  9. Click the Binding Type drop-down. Select the appropriate method to send/receive messages.


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