Decide which process images are to be included in the process book:

  1. The orientation drop-down menu determines the directions in which your processes will flow.
  2. Check Design to include images from the Design View:
  • Select the “one image for each page” radio-button; to have each Design View page (delimited by the page breaks) represented as a separate image in the Process Book. To eliminate page whitespace surrounding objects, check “Crop Images”
    • To insert line separators, check “Add Line Separator”
    • To display IPCs; check “Display IPCs in process book”


  • Select the “one image for the entire map” radio-button, to have the entire Design View Frame represented as an image in the Process Book.

3. You can include the Design view and Swimlane view of the process in the process book.

4. Check the types of swimlane views you wish to include in the process book (if any). You can include swimlane images of your process divided by role, asset, organization unit, resource and/or performer. You may also want to modify the level of expansion. Select whether or not materials are displayed on links.

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