The Search function scans through all the selected objects in your EPC database to find those that match your pre-defined criteria. The most basic of the search functions is the search text input field. This allows the user to enter the text string to be sought by the search function.

Modeler needs to first ensure the environment search index is created and updated. If the modeler is not a System Admin or Environment Admin, he needs to contact them to ensure the search index is created.

For the Search function to work effectively, Environment and System Admins must populate the indexes within the EPC. Admins can refer to a full list on how to do it.

How to search on the modeler

1. Open EPC Modeler

2. Type the item you are searching for on the text box and then click on the Search icon , located near the far right of the EPC Toolbar.

3. The following box will be opened populating the results

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