Description Grouped by risk type and risk name and all the risk’s gross properties, then all the risks net properties, the controls assigned to that risk and the risks controlled impact/likelihood and the control effectiveness.
Use Case Use this report to create a list of detailed information pertaining to one or more risks selected from the tree prompt.
Type List
Object Version Current
  1. Tree prompt: Risk Hierarchy
  • Environment
  • Set
  • Folder Path
  • Risk
  • Type
  • Description
  • Rich Text Description
  • Identifier
  • Owner
  • Document
  • Gross Impact
  • Gross Likelihood
  • Gross Score
  • Gross Priority
  • Net Impact
  • Net Likelihood
  • Net Score
  • Net Priority
  • Effect Description
  • Residual Percent
  • Version Number
  • Status
  • Check In Date
  • Checked In By
  • Comment

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