Advanced tabs of risks may be disabled and re-enabled (called Analysis Lock) by environment administrators. Once locked, the advanced tab of the selected risks is in read-only view to users other than the environment administrator.

There are two methods to disable (lock) and re-enable (unlock) the advanced tab of selected risks: using the right-click menu (for multi-selection of risks) and unchecking/checking the Analysis Lock checkbox.

Using the right-click menu:

1. In the Diagram Frame of the Risk Module, select the Risk(s) whose advanced tab you wish to enable/disable and make sure it is checked out.

2. Right-click on your selection and from the menu, select Lock Analysis to disable the risk. If the risk was already disabled, the menu option will display Unlock Analysis instead.

3. The selected risks’ advanced tab will now be disabled or re-enabled.

Using the Analysis Lock checkbox:

1. In the Diagram Frame, select the risk whose advanced tab you wish to disable or re-enable.
2. In the Details Frame, navigate to the advanced tab of the selected risk.
3. To disable the advanced tab of the selected risk, check the Analysis Lock checkbox. To re-enable the advanced tab, un-check the checkbox.

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