What are the limitations for what can be put on a connector. Can a workflow choice be placed on it?

To create a workflow choice:

  1. Log in the EPC Portal with a user who has ADMIN rights.
  2. Go to the ADMIN Portal.
  4. Make sure the option “ SHOW MATERIAL NAMES ON LINKS “ is checked in.
  5. Re-launch the EPC Modeler.
  6. Create 2 materials – For example : YES and NO.
  7. Now, come back to the Process and click on the workflow choice.
  8. Assign the corresponding materials to the workflow choices.

Can Auto-Layout be undone if you don’t like the way it looks after check-in?

No. Upon check-in all undo/ redo actions are lost.

Can you restore back to a previous version of a process or other object?

No, the user is able to view previous version and export to pdf but not restore. A previous version can only be retrieved by restoring the EPC databases. Note: All other changes made since the backup was taken will also be undone.

Can you generate more than one process book at a time?

Yes. Select multiple processes, click “Generate Process Book” and the system generates one process book document, containing all the selected processes.

Can you print maps in a larger format?

Available formats: Letter, Legal, Tabloid, A0-A4, B0-B4, Berliner, Broadsheet

Can you save maps in a different format, like to PDF for example?


  1. In the Versions tab select the process and click the View button. Export to pdf by clicking the “pdf” icon.
  2. Specify the ‘Page Setup Options’ (The Paper Size and Orientation values are automatically derived from the process map Page Setup Settings).
  3. Specify the ‘PDF Export Options’ .

PDF Export dialog- field definitions:

  • Size:
    • Use Original Size: Displays same page size as specified on the process map.
    • Custom Width: Customize process map height in pixels.
    • Custom Height: Customize process map width in pixels.
  • Empty Border Width: Inserts a blank border around the map.
  • Clip Region:
    • Graph: Will display the entire map.
    • View: Will display zoomed portion of map in the View button dialog.
  • Activate Tiling: If process exceeds one page, the excess content is displayed on additional pages.
  • Render Text As Shapes: d/not work
  • Embed Fonts: d/not work

What is the recommended way to define KPIs in EPC?

See the Measure module to define KPIs in EPC.

What are the steps required in order to delete published processes that have dependencies, in the Modeler? Is there a specific order, or recommended way of doing it? What about having to republish afterward, is there a specific order?

  1. Checkout the dependencies (the dependency can only be a process reference, process shortcut, or sop document. Other than these, there is no other dependency to process object type).
  2. Remove the link.
  3. Republish the dependencies.
  4. Delete the process.

How do I deny access to an object for specific users in both the Modeler and Web?

Not possible.

What does a user need to be able to set up an approval cycle in EPC (not to be an approver, just to set up an approval cycle)?

To set approvers for an object: Minimal user rights for environment/object: Read +Approval. To send an object to approve: write (The object should have resources or roles set for approval).

Are there any rules regarding the merging of objects? What does merging actually do with the two objects?

The user can merge dependencies of one object into another, so that one object subsumes the other object and all its values and dependencies.

A = source object
B = target object


  1. All “B” fields will retain their values.
  2. All “B” dependencies will be kept.
  3. All “A” dependencies will be added to “B”. (Both incoming and outgoing dependencies, if outgoing relationship is unary, no change will be made)
  4. Cannot select the SAME object in both the Source and the Target columns.
  5. User can select multiple objects as source but only one object as the Target Object.
  6. Version of the Target will be incremented.
  7. All the necessary objects (including Source, Target, and all the Objects that are dependent to Source) should be checked-in.
  8. After merge action, object B and all dependent objects are checked-in “in progress”.
  9. Merge action is not available on objects of type Process, Sub Process, and Process Reference.

What objects have the Impact tab, and which do not?

Only objects in the following list have a Impact tab: Process, Document, Attribute, Entity, Material; Organization Chart, Role, Resource, Asset; Risk, Rule, Service, Indicator.

If there is too much white-space in an SOP, what can be done to reduce it? Can page breaks be put into an SOP?

If a subsequent process is too big for the remaining whitespace on the page containing the previous process; the subsequent process is placed on an entirely new page. However, the user can cut the subsequent process in EPC so that it will make use of the remaining whitespace rather than starting an entirely new page.

Whitespace between SOP sections is fixed and cannot be reduced.

Why are no names displayed in the Discussion Forum “To:” list? What needs to be done in order for names to appear?

Users must assigned to a Resource in order to be able to select from the “To:” list.

How does the “Quick Search” work?

Returns all object results based on the search term entered. See the Search page for more details. Note: Not all search features are currently functional.

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