If you are using EPC version 9.7 (with a multilingual license), please read the following for important import/export information.
What will happen when I import a file that predates version 9.7 into an environment running a 9.7 build (with a multilingual license)?

If the file to be imported is of type .epc, then the data is imported using the highest priority language that is set in the admin panel (default language is English).
How can I import and export my environment data in multiple languages given that I have EPC version 9.7 (with a multilingual license)?

  • Importing
    When translated content is imported from an .epc file, the data is stored separately in the database for each language found. The content is displayed when the appropriate language is selected for the Modeler (when choosing a language to express launch the Modeler from the Web Portal login page or when using the desktop and start menu shortcuts) or the Web Portal (default content language set in My Account).
  • Exporting
    All object content in all languages is saved in the exported .epc file.

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