If you are using EPC version 9.7 (with a multilingual license), please read the following for important import/export information.
What will happen when I import a file that predates version 9.7 into an environment running a 9.7 build (with a multilingual license)?

If the file to be imported is an Excel spreadsheet file, then the data is imported and stored using the Modeler’s interface language.
How can I import and export my environment data in multiple languages given that I have EPC version 9.7 (with a multilingual license)?

  • Importing
    When importing from an Excel file, EPC stores the data according to the Modeler’s interface language.
  • Exporting
    When exporting to an Excel spreadsheet file, EPC outputs content in the Modeler’s interface language. If there is missing content for the current language, the content of the next highest priority language is exported instead (with the appropriate language tag preceding the data – e.g.: [en]).

For example, the prioritized languages that are set in the admin panel are as follows: English, Spanish, and French. If the database contains some data in English, Spanish and French, when the user exports to Excel given that his Modeler interface language is French, then:

  • Where content exists in French, EPC will export the French data.
  • Where content does not exist in French but exists in English and Spanish, then EPC will export the English data preceded by [en] since English is the highest priority.
  • Where content does not exist in French or in English but exists in Spanish, then EPC will export the Spanish data preceded by [es].

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