1. From the Explorer drop-down, select the Document Set which contains the desired Document Folder.
  2. From the Explorer Frame, select the Document Folder.
  3. From the Diagram Frame, select the appropriate document.
  4. Make sure that the document is checked out .
  5. Make any desired changes to the document through the Details Frame.
  6. When all changes have been made, check the Document back in.

General Tab

  1. If the document type is set to E-form, the user will be required to add an entity. Click the “+” sign and select the appropriate entity from the pop-up window.
  2. If the document has a .docx extension, headers & footers options are available.
  • Keep current: The current template of the document is kept.
  • Keep current + template:The current template is kept and to it added a custom template.
  • Override current + template: The current template is replaced with a custom template.

3. If the document is of type URL, the URL may be edited by clicking the Edit button.

For Modelers with version ≥ 9.7 with a multilingual license, the URL field of each language (prioritized in the language settings of the admin panel) can be edited:

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