Inter-process links (IPL) are created when users must link a BPMN Shape from one process to a BPMN Shape in another. IPLs originate from the Source of the link (created on End Events or Exit Nodes) and are connected to the Target of the link (created on Start Events or Entrance Nodes). IPLs can link either two processes together as shown below or shapes within a single process.

In order to set an IPL, an end event must be linked to another process object (like a Task or Event). 

  1. Select the end event.
  2. The IPL Tab will be displayed in the Details Frame. Click Add in the Target field. The Add a Target dialog is displayed.
  3. Navigate to the location of the target and select process object that is to be the target of your IPL. Click OK.

4. The IPL has been created. The target object is added to the Target field in the IPL Tab. The End Event in the Diagram Frame will now display a hyperlink.

5. Press ALT and click the hyperlink.
The Diagram Frame will navigate to the target object. A Start event is automatically created, with its own hyperlink linking back to the source object. The source object is also displayed in the Source field of the IPL Tab.

Broken IPLs

The consequence of deleting an IPL is a broken IPL.

  1. Deleting a Process/Object containing an IPL:
    1. Create an IPL between Process A and B.
    2. Check in all objects.
    3. Delete Process A. In Process B, a red X will replace where Process A linked to Process B. This is a broken IPL.

The same scenario applies to deleting an event with an IPL or removing the IPL directly from the IPL details tab.

Material Synchronization

Given a material is present on either the source or exit point of an IPL, the modeler offers to synchronize it across the IPL.

To do so, a pop up window will appear to ask the user if he wants to synchronize it across the IPL.

When deleting the material or one of the IPL, the same kind of message will appear asking the user if he wants to delete the other material and the other IPL so as to avoid broken links.
This applies to inter-process links, intra-process links and process shortcuts.

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