Follow the steps below to import data from an outside EPC environment. The format of the data file must be .epc.

1. From the EPC Toolbar, select Tools > Import > EPC

2. Select the desired .epc file and click Next once the file has been selected.

3. If the export file contains published objects sets, the import function will automatically import the content for that module. If there are no published objects sets in that module, then you will be asked to select the objects that you wish to import. Click Next.

4. If the export file does not contain objects for a specific module, the import function will allow you to skip to the next module. Click Next.

5. Keep clicking Next until the Duplicates screen is displayed. Select Overwrite to combine duplicate objects in your environment. If you do not select Overwrite, then any duplicate objects already present in your current EPC Environment will not be imported.

6. Review the Summary and click Finish. You will receive a confirmation when the import is complete.

7. Once the import is complete, it is recommended that you restart your modeler in order to ensure that all your data is properly synchronized.

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