Follow the steps below to import data from an outside EPC environment. The format of the data file must be .csv

1. Launch the EPC Modeler.
2. From the EPC Toolbar, select Tools > Import > CSV [Visio BPMN Modeler]…

3. The Import File window will open. Select the ellipsis to select the file that is to be imported.

4. The BPMN Modeler Import Wizard will ask users to select an object destination. Click the ellipsis to select the appropriate destination.

5. If the export file does not contain objects for a specific module, the import function will allow you to skip to the next module. Click Next.

6. Repeat step 5 for each module.
7. Once all BPMN objects have been imported, select Finish.

8. Once the import is complete, restart the Modeler to ensure that all data is properly synchronized.

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