Once you have mapped your processes, you can export the process and all its associations to a single word document.

  1. Ensure that the appropriate process is selected in the Explorer Frame. The process does not have to be checked out to generate a process book.
  2. Either:
  • Select the process book icon from the EPC Toolbar.
  • Right-click and select Generate Process Book.

The process book generator will be displayed. From here you can modify the process book content, images and page settings.

3. Click Browse to name your process book and select the location where the book will be saved.

4. If the option to ‘Launch process book when generation is completed’ is checked, the process book will be displayed automatically upon completion. When finished adjusting the Process Book settings, click OK to generate the book.

5. For instructions on how to modify the process book logo, please consult the EPC Admin Guide.

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