The E-form tab is used when implementing workflow. Users must have first added the E-form to the E-form tab at the process level before they can modify the relevant fields at the flow object level.

In order to modify the E-form fields, the type of the flow object must be set to User. Flow objects that contain a User type are Tasks, Transforms, Transports and Distributes.

The E-form tab is used when implementing e-forms into workflow. Users must have first imported a PDF document and set it as type e-form before they can assign it to individual flow objects. Once the process is modeled, the E-form must be assigned to the appropriate User type tasks for use during execution.

  1. Check-out the process that will be executed. Select the task that will contain the E-Form. In the task’s general tab change the type to “User”. Now an E-form can be assigned.
  2. Navigate to the task’s E-Form tab. Click the + to assign an E-form.
  3. Select the E-form and press OK. The E-form is now assigned to the task. Repeat these steps for all tasks that require E-forms.


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