Follow the steps below to export data to an Excel spreadsheet file. The format of the data file will be .xlsx

1. Launch the EPC Modeler.
2. From the EPC Toolbar, select Tools > Export > Excel …

3. The Excel Export Wizard window will open. Select the ellipsis to name and select the destination for the file that is to be exported.

4. If you want to include documents in your export file, click the check box and then select which documents are to be included. If you do not wish to include documents, then leave the check box blank. Click Next when you are finished.

5. Repeat step 4 for each module.
6. Select the Associations check box if you wish to include additional objects linked to your selected items. This could include any assigned owners, documents, risks or other objects

7. Click Finish once you have reviewed the summary. The Export will begin. You will receive a confirmation when the export is complete.

8. Click Ok. The completed Excel spreadsheet will open automatically for your inspection.

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