For complex processes, BPM Studio can be utilized to finalize the process for execution before uploading it to the Workflow Server. This requires generating a Bar file to import into BPM Studio. If no advanced functionalities are needed to execute the process, the Bar file can be directly uploaded to the IBPM Console from EPC.

1. To generate the Bar file, right-click the top level process and select Export workflow file…

2. Select a destination folder and click OK.

The Bar file is generated and saved in the specified folder.

Conditions for the process to be exported to a Bar file:

  • The Bar file name is the same as the top level process that was exported. An XPDL of the top process and each sub-process is created.
  • The process and sub-processes must be checked-in.
  • The process and sub-processes must not contain any special characters and must be limited to 64 characters.
  • The attributes assigned to the E-form within the exported process must not contain special characters or be larger than 64 characters.
  • All flow objects (gateway (including type), start event (no types), intermediate events (message or timer), end event (none type), task, links, coordinates of shapes on map) are included in the XPDL
  • The export must not contain more than one start event or any references.
  • Owners of processes are exported, but only the first owner which is a role (RACI takes the first role with that is Responsible). All performers which are resources are ignored.
  • All Meta Data associated with the e-Forms assigned to Tasks in the processes are exported:

None and Binary attribute types are not supported in Interstage.

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