The Diagram Frame Toolbar has the following functions:

Icon Name Description
Align Drop-Down Allows users to align objects along a selected axis.
Distribute Drop-Down Allows users to evenly distribute the space between the selected objects.
Zoom In Allows the user to view an enlarged Organization Chart.
Zoom Out Allows the user to view a smaller Organization Chart.
Zoom to Fit Sizes the Organization Chart to fit in the Diagram Frame.
Magnify Allows the user to view objects as enlarged by rolling the cursor over the desired objects.
Auto Layout Arranges the Organization Units in a default layout.
Save to Image Saves the displayed Organization Chart as a .png or .jpg file.
Show/Hide Grid Allows the user to move the organization units around according to a preset grid, making it easier to align the icons.
Levels Drop-Down Allows users to select the level of expansion displayed in the Organization Chart.

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