The text you enter into the Description field will provide additional information concerning the selected object.

  1. To find and replace text; click the Find and Replace button.
  2. Text can be cut, copied and pasted.
  3. To undo or redo an action; click the Undo or Redo buttons.
  4. To display paragraph tags; click the Paragraph button.
  5. To insert a hyperlink; select the text to be hyperlinked and click the hyperlink button.
  6. The Hyperlink dialog is displayed.
    1. Enter the URL and click OK.

      The relevant text is highlighted.
  7. To insert an image; click the Insert Image button.

    The Open dialog is displayed.

8. Select an image and click Open.

9. To insert a table; click the table button .
The Insert table dialog is displayed.

a. Specify the number of Rows and Columns and click OK.

The table is inserted into the Description section.

10. To insert or delete a row; click the Insert Row () or Delete Row () buttons.
11. To insert of delete a column; click the Insert Column () or Delete Column () buttons.
12. Using the dropdowns, specify the Font Type and Font Size.

13. Click Bold, Italic, Underline and/ or Strikethrough to change the style of your text.

14. To align text; click the Align Left, Align Center, Align Right or Justify buttons.

15. To change text to a list item, click the Bulleted or Numbered list buttons.

16. To shift text left or right; click the Shift-Left or Shift-Right buttons.

17. To use the context menu; right-click in the text editor.

18. To Subscript/ Superscript text:
a. Select the text to be subscripted/ superscripted.
b. Right-click in the text editor and select Font from the context menu.
c. Check the Subscript/ Superscript checkbox and click OK.

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