Print View allows the user to preview what the given process will look like based on user specified print settings. These Print View settings are saved and added to the View Selection drop-down.

1. Click the “Create a Print View” icon.

The “Create Print Settings” dialog is displayed.

2. Specify the following print settings:

  • In the Name field, specify the Print View name.
  • In the Page Settings section, specify the Page Break Size.
  • Specify the Page Orientation.
  • Specify the Margins.
  • In the Page Numbers section, specify the Type:
    Left to Right, Top to Bottom page numbering:

    Top to Bottom, Left to Right page numbering:

3. Click OK. A confirmation dialog is displayed.

4. Click OK.
The Print View Name will be added to the The View Selection drop-down.

The Print View (i.e. Letter View) is displayed in the Diagram Frame.

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