Improvement requests are viewed and checked as applied from an object’s improvement log.
The following columns are displayed:

  • Name: name of the object
  • System ID: a unique identifier with format posttype-year-#created (e.g.: IR-2016-93)
  • Subject: the name of the request
  • Category: the category of the improvement request
  • Post ID: an identifier unique to the object which follows the following format: version #-posttype-#created
  • From: the user who raised the request
  • Due Date: indicates the date by which a request should be implemented
  • Priority: indicates how urgent a request is
  • Applied: The “Applied?” checkbox is used to mark a request as implemented. For the checkbox to be available, the object must be checked out. Once a request is checked as applied and a new version of the object is published, the request will disappear from the improvement log and the status of the request will change to “Closed”.
  • Status: the status of the improvement request

Clicking on a request displays further information in the bottom panel.

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