General Guidelines

In order to perform certain actions within EPC a user must check out an object.

  • The Check Out function reserves the selected object for modifications by the user who checked out the object.
  • Checked out objects will appear as locked to other EPC users. This ensures that the consistency and integrity of the content, since other users are not able to modify a locked object.
  • The Check Out function must be performed for the user to modify the selected object. All objects are checked out by default when they are created.
  • In order for object modifications to be made available to other EPC users, the object must be checked in.
  • Checking in an object saves the changes made since the object was last checked out.
  • The newly checked-in object will automatically be defined with a new version number and will replace the previously checked-out object.
  • When an object is checked in, it no longer appears as locked.
  • Only the user who checked out the object in question may check it back in.
  • In order to delete/move an object, the object must be checked in unless it is locally new.

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