Once the Process or Document has been sent for Approval (see Launching an Approval Cycle in the Modeler in the Modeler Help Files), users can approve Process or Document directly from the Web Portal.

  1. The Process or Document that has been sent for approval will appear in the Objects for me to Review and Approve Web Portlet. Users can either:
    • Approve/Reject (the Approval cycle)
    • Cancel (the Approval cycle)
  2. If a file was attached, it can be consulted by clicking the Document Attached button.
  3. To Approve the Process or Document, select the Approve/Reject button. The Approve/Reject Object box will open. Users can upload a new version of the object, write a comment and Approve or Reject the object. To finalize any changes, Approvals or Rejections, select Ok.

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