Environment Administrators are allowed to export EPC processes to Visio (.vsdx files)

The Visio Export (BETA) is a version that is put in place for testing. The Visio Expport (BETA) is limited to simple processes without IPLs, shortcuts, and other advanced process mapping functions. The outcome in Visio might differ from how it looks on EPC.

Follow the next steps to Export EPC processes to Visio

  1. Launch EPC Modeler
  1. Log in to EPC Modeler
  1. Navigate to the EPC toolbar and select “Tools”

  1. Click on Export > Visio (BETA)…

  1. The Excel Export Wizard window will open. Select the ellipsis to name and select the destination for the file that is to be exported.

p(banner tip). The file will be in .vsdx format

  1. Check the Process box and then click on the “Add” button to choose the process you desire to export to Visio

  1. Select the process and then click on the “Ok” button

  1. The process you selected will appear on the box under “Select the nodes you wish to export”. Click on the “Next” icon to continue

  1. Select the Associations check box to view the process map in a swimlane view in the Visio file

  1. Click on the “Finish” button once you have reviewed the summary. The Export will begin.

  1. You will receive a confirmation when the export is complete. Click on the “Ok” button and the the Visio file will then launch

  1. Once the Visio file is opened, the user needs to select the Visio “Design” > “Re-Layout Page” option on the toolbar. User needs to first select the Hierarchy icon followed by the Flowchart icon in order to see the process in the same layout as in EPC.

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