Deployment on Linux Prerequisites

Stop and uninstall the currently running Dockers

  1. Login to Linux server where the current Dockers are running and switch to the docker directory where the and are located.
  2. Stop the currently running docker containers by running the following command: #sh
  3. Remove the existing containers by running the following command: #docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
  4. Remove the currently installed docker images by running the following command: #docker rmi $(docker images -q)
  5. Edit the file “docker-compose.yml” from the docker folder and copy as backup the configuration lines
    - BPC_DS_PORT=…
    - BPC_DS_DB=…
    - BPC_DS_USER=…
    - BPC_EPC_URL=…
  6. Delete from the docker directory all the files

Deployment of the Docker images

Deployment of the Docker Images

Test the EPC 10 Web portal access

Open the Linux Server IP address (or Alias if created) in the browser on default port 80 (not required to be specified). Use the EPC Server user name and password to log into the EPC 10 Web Portal.

Apply the SSL Certificate to encrypt the communication (optional)

SSL Certificate – Encryption

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