Follow these steps to deploy the Docker images

  1. Transfer the Docker package archive to the jump machine where you have installed the management tools
  2. Extract all the files from the supplied package to a folder with 7zip
    1. Command: 7za x release-
  3. Edit the file docker-compose.yml from the extracted folder and set from the backed up previous step the information:
    1. SQL Server address and port
    2. SQL User
    3. SQL password (open text)
    4. Time Zone (
    5. BPC URL (ex. http://server:8080 – the address of the EPC Server running on windows)
  4. Upload all the extracted files including the edited file to Linux Server to user’s home folder using WinSCP
  5. 5) Open an SSH session to Linux server using putty (SSH client) and Install the images to Dockers repository
    1. Run the command in SSH client: #sh
  6. Start the Dockers
    1. Run the command in SSH client: #sh

Test the EPC 11 Web App access

  1. Open the Linux Server IP address (or Alias if created) in the browser on default port 80 (not required to be specified).
  2. Use the EPC Server user name and password to log into the EPC 11 Web Portal

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