Docker platform is the host for several servers (EPC 10 portal backend servers) running together as Docker containers (isolated processes with the internal virtual network), that provide the execution, data gathering and integration mechanisms with EPC 10 Server, for the EPC 10 Web Portal. This set of servers is connecting to MSSQL Databases epc5 and epc5p. These databases represent the common data storage between the EPC Server Backend services and EPC 10 Web Portal.

Docker Platform System Requirements

Service RAM (GB) Disk (GB) CPU
Docker platform for EPC 10 Web Portal 8 30 1 x Quad Core Xeon or analog

A Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) link with very low network latency (~1ms) is recommended between the Docker platform and the MSSQL server.

EPC 10 Portal System Requirements

Compatible Operating System and Relational Database Management Systems

The Docker platform for EPC 10 Portal can be configured on a variety of Operating Linux
type systems.

Here is a list of operating systems suggested for production installation (Core version 3.10 or newer)

  • Red Hat 7.X (64 bit)
  • Cent OS 7.X (64 bit)
  • Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 (LTS) / Xenial 16.04 (LTS)
  • Other Linux flavors

The full list of supported platforms for Dockers can be found here

Docker Platform Component Requirements

In order to run and manage the Dockers on Docker platform the following has to be installed

  • Docker Engine (CE or EE)
  • Docker Compose
  • 7zip/p7zip archiver/un-archiver

EPC 10 Portal Host Firewall Configuration – Incoming Connections to EPC Server Host

The following TCP ports must be open for incoming connections on the EPC Server host or the network firewall:

  • For EPC Server: The port set during the Installation of EPC Server (default: 80 or 443 for SSL encrypted traffic)

Internet Connection Requirement for Docker Platform

The internet connection is required for

  • Docker engine installation and upgrades
  • Docker composer installation and upgrades
  • 7zip/p7zip installation and upgrades
  • Docker platform upgrades

The Docker platform requires internet connection at least for the first day of the EPC 10 Portal Dockers deployment.

Docker Management Platform

The Docker Platform will be accessed for Docker deployment, upgrade, configuration, and monitoring.

Management Tools for Linux Docker platform
A client PC or the Windows Server that is running EPC Server can be used as a jump machine.

The following tools have to be installed on a jump machine.

  • WinSCP – file manager offering connection to Docker platform
  • PuTTYSSH client for Linux based platforms

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