1. Transfer the Docker package archive to the jump machine where you have installed the management tools
  2. Using WinSCP transfer the file release-10.X.X.7z to the Linux server to the docker folder
  3. Open an SSH session to Linux server using putty (SSH client)
  4. Extract all the files from the supplied package to a folder with 7zip
    1. Command: 7za x release-10.X.X.7z
  5. Edit the file “docker-compose.yml” from the extracted folder and set from the backed up previous step the information:
    1. SQL Server address and port
    2. SQL User
    3. SQL password (open text)
    4. Time Zone (http://joda-time.sourceforge.net/timezones.html)
    5. BPC URL (ex. http://server:8080 – the address of the EPC Server running on windows)
  6. Install the images to Dockers repository
    1. Run the command in SSH client: #sh install.sh
  7. Start the Dockers
    1. Run the command in SSH client: #sh start.sh

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