Users can now add a “Search” widget to their dashboard. The search widget is great for end-user employees because its very similar to “Google”, providing simplicity for end users to locate what they need with zero training.
The Process Name column was added to the My Flow Objects widget to reduce confusion of end users not knowing solely based on the task name which process that task relates to.

How it works

To use this feature, users can add the search from Home in manage, in Dashboard Manager”

Click Add on the Search Widget

The Search Widget will automatically be added to the dashboard.

There users can adjust the size of the widget by clicking in the arrows in the low right part of the widget. Additionally, move the widget to the preferred location.

To use the widget, users can click on the Search All box, and type the desired object. If the user clicks on an object in the dropdown list, it will directly take them to the Details page of the object

If the user clicks on enter on their keyboard, it will take them to the search result page

Also, users have the option Advance Search, where they can input the module where to look for the information and the time.

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