In order to provide more flexibility with approval and endorsement cycles, EPC now features a new setting to choose whether all persons assigned to a role are required to approve/endorse or only one of them is enough

How it Works?

To use this feature, Admin Administrators can click on the dots icon on the top right part of the page, select system Admin, click on Advance. Then look for the ONE RESOURCE APPROVES ENDORSES FOR ENTIRE ROLE, click on the edit button and change to true.

Once the feature has been activated, users can send the object for approval

When the Cycle type selected is SERIAL and a Role is selected to approve, then the first resource of that role receives the approval request. Once that resource approves, the rest of the resources are automatically not needed for approval.

Users will see that the first resource has status waiting for approval and pending for the next resources in the role.

Once the object has been approved by the first resource, then this resource has the status Approved by the name of the user. The next resources have a admiration icon and the note approval step skipped to show that they didn’t need to approve.

If the Cycle type is PARALLEL, then all the resources receive the approval request at the same time. Only one resource in the roles is needed to approve the object.

As the picture below shows, the two resources in the role have the Waiting for Approval status. Any of these resources can approve the object.

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