Editing and making changes to multiple objects on the LIST page just became incredibly easier for both modelers and system admins! This new option significantly increases productivity, enabling modelers to make multiple changes quickly & effortlessly.


  • Mass – Publish
  • Mass – Edit Responsibilities
  • Mass – Subscribe
  • Mass – Unsubscribe
  • Mass – Attributes
  • Mass – Custom Attributes
  • Mass – Edit
  • Mass Delete
  • Mass – Move
  • Mass – Favorite
  • Mass – Collaboration

How it Works

To activate the mass options, users select one or more checkboxes. If users want to select all the checkboxes at once, this is possible by clicking on the checkbox on top, on the level of the tittles.

Once the icons on top have been activated, they turn into a black color to indicate their availability. Users can now:

Click on button Collaboration to add collaborative tasks with colleagues.

favorite or unfavorite objects in the list.

in LIST page of a module, click on the three-dots icon to expand the menu with all the Mass options. There users can publish, edit responsibilities, subscribe, unsubscribe, edit custom attributes, edit, delete and move multiple object.

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