We have introduced Batch-Approval to EPC with this release. This feature allows users to quickly approve more than one object in the To Do’s page through a single interaction. This new option helps modelers by reducing the time needed to approve various objects. Now, the objects can be selected in the TO DO’s page and approved immediately.

How it works

To use this feature, users go to the To Do list. There, users will see all pending Actions. To filter their pending Approvals, users can click on the Approval button, use the filter in Action type or simple select the pending approvals by clicking on the checkbox of the objects.

When clicking on the three-dots an extendable list appears. Users are then able to select Approve and then choose from the options Approve or Reject.

Next, users can approve all the selected objects:

If the approval request asked for an approval with e-signature, then users see the following image.

If the approval request didn’t ask for an e-signature or after approving with e-signature, the users can see a confirmation message on the right top of the page.

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