Users can now access EPC from their phone or tablets, online and offline anywhere, anytime. This allows our users to access their content, quickly, & securely while promoting quality management.

Discover new ways to interact with EPC on Mobile! Login to your account and influence the future of Business Process Workflow management. Whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, we’ve improved the user experience and increased productivity for your entire organization.
Access your content, quickly, & securely. Make your workflow or forms mobile!

- Want to look up models quickly in EPC but not at your desk right now? Access your EPC content with a tap of a finger on your mobile device.
- Is someone waiting for a process model? Share it immediately as a graphic.
- Your team is waiting for an approval, you can now login and approve the changes right away.
- Need to access models offline? Browse for content on your EPC server and make the content to save on your device so you can access it later without a connection

Users can download the EPC app from the Apple or Android Store


Supported content types include:

- Process
- Document
- Performance
- Organization
- Risk, Control, & Rule
- Master Data
- Glossary

How it works

Login to your account from your phone or tablet,

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