Process maps in EPC are now compatible with languages written from right to left such as Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew. EPC automatically re-arranges the map in order to provide a better map visibility for users reading their processes in one of these languages

How it works?

To activate this feature, users have to be in Graph page of a process and click on Open button menu in the right side. Then click on the settings.

Map options open, there users can change the Orientation of the graph from Left to Right to Right to Left. To be able to do that users have to have display set on GRAPH, SWIMLANE or MATRIX.

If Display is set to SAVED LAYOUT, then orientation button is disabled and orientation is set to Left to Right by default.

Once users have selected Right-to-Left and save changes in Map Options. Then the graph is displayed with orientation Right to left in the selected layout.

To see the graph in a different layout, users can change it in the top by selecting GRAPH, SWIMLANES or MATRIX. If users select SAVED LAYOUT, then users will see the graph in Orientation Left to Right as graph can only be edited and saved on that orientation.

Now, our Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew users can create their process and then view, print and download its object book with Right to Left orientation.

View of the graph when layout is in graph and orientation is Right to Left.

View of the graph when layout is in swimlanes and orientation is Right to Left.

to download the object book with graph orientation set to Right to left, users can click on the object book of the process and change the orientation to Left to Right.

To print the process with orientation Right to Left, users can change the orientation on the Multi Page Layout Print Seeting and set it to Right to Left.

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