In EPC, end-users are now provided with faster access to view documents that are referenced within any rich text field using our “link to object” feature. File download and preview options are now available within the hover pop-up so users can view not only the document details but the file contents as well directly without having to navigate away to another page.

How it works

To use this feature, users have to go over the word with a link to a document object. These words are in blue color inside of texts in EPC.

While users hover over the words in blue, they can see the pop-up window with two new buttons Download and Preview next to Show more.

If users click on the preview, then they can see the preview version of the document and the download button

To exit the window user can by clicking on (x) or just outside the window

if user click on the download button, then the document would automatically downloaded

Furthermore, if the link to object is linked to a URL, users are able to preview or be redirected to the URL.

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