In the previous version, some users that were selected as modeler, Web Portal User and had “Full Control Allow” to a document set would encountered problems viewing Folders or Sets when Copying or Moving.

The user would try to move or copy documents inside of the folder, but when they click on the buttons they would find the tree empty as shown in the image below.

This issue has been resolved, now users can see the tree when moving and copying.


Some users were having problems when trying to republish saved Procedures. Some objects would not be displayed. This issues is fix in EPC 13.0.

Email Notification

In the previous version, some users with the interface language set to German did not receive the e-mail notification. In EPC 13.0, these user receive the email notification.

EPC User Login

Some user were having issues accessing EPC, when a new user was created, user could not log in to the system if wasn’t part of a EPC group. this would happen even if user had access to an environment and modeler permissions

In EPC 13.0, users are able to login to EPC even without being member of a group.


Users couldn’t add numbers that contained zero on execution field of Analysis in Governance.

Graph and details page

Before, the was an issue when displayed published objects on details or graph pages on newly created environments. This is no longer a problem.

Approval with e-signature

Before, e-signature wouldn’t work when the name of an object sent for approval ended in dot pdf (.pdf). This issue was valid for all objects. When users uploaded e.g a document with .pdf extension and didn’t give a name to the document, then this document would automatically take the name of the pdf document (.pdf extension), This created an error and user could’t not approve using e-signature. This is not longer a problem.

Object Book

Some users were having a error message ‘ Word Found Unreadable Content’, when trying to generate an SOP with a customized template, However, if users choose to ignore it by clicking on YES, the SOP would be opened as usual.

These would happen when users downloaded a template and made a little change and uploaded again. These is no longer an issue, now SOP generates without an error message.

System Admin


In the previous version, some users experienced issues when cancelling changes on attributes as these were saved.

This issue has been resolved

Theme Settings

In our previous version, some users were able to save a empty theme in System Admin which produced an error.

Now, when users are in My Profile and try to update theme, users cannot update leaving theme as empty. This has been fixed for EPC 13.0.


Before the Text value for UDA of type Simple Text was limited to 256 characters. The limit has been extended to 1024 characters.


Import Excel

Some users experienced issues when importing an Excel document to create a process, users would start the process of importation by selecting publish and overwrite and when the process was completed multiple unexpected objects of association (Ex: Roles, assets, document) were created.

This issue has been fixed. Now, when users import their processes the right number of associations are created.

Also, when importing the Role and Processes, these were not relating to a RASCI Letter. So users observed that if the RASCI_ROLE were not put in brackets, the responsibility letters would be included in the name. This bug has been resolved.

Visio Import

Before in EPC, when importing a Visio file, there was no transitions between the shapes when using a German visio file.

Now, we can see the transition of the imported vision document.

EPC Import

In the previous version, some users experienced EPC import failure when importing a file with maturity data created in v12.3 or a previous versions.

Now, users can EPC import without issues.

NEW button

Add New Process

In the previous version, When some user were creating a new process from button NEW without being in process module, after clicking on Create and map button, the process map would open to edit.

Now, when adding a new process and user is in a non-process module, the user stays in the same module.

Create object while in draft

When viewing the PUBLISHED (Draft=false) version in process, some users had the new button enabled and although a user could open a create NEW object form, the user would receive a permission error when saving.

Now a user can’t open a form to create an object while in PUBLISHED (DRAFT=False), as the create NEW button is greyed out.

Details Page

Object Book

When the EPC Application is set to generate Object book in PDF form, users were experiencing issues generating them for modules Rule, Risk, etc.

Now, users can generate the object book in all the module without any problem.

Also, some users noticed that the page numbers in the Table of Contents of the generated Object book were not dynamic.
Now, the pages of the document are updated automatically.


When some users would try to move an Indicator (KPI, KRI, KCI) from one objective to another, the Description of the indicator didn’t move with the object and appear blank.

Now users don’t have problems with this, when indicators are moved, all their details are moved with them.


Previously, some users couldn’t see Roles on Detail page or run approval/endorsement cycle using role.

This is not longer a problem, now the Roles on a resource are properly saved and users can see the role under the responsibility section in DETAILS page.

Audit Trail

Previously, some users had problems generating the audit trail for certain objects. This problem has been resolved and does not occur in version 13.0.

Also, when a capability was assign roles, resources, assets and org units (not RASCI) and users edited for a second time and generated audit trail, the changes made in step 2 created duplicates in the next versions.

Now, the changes made are only shown in one version and users don’t have this issue any longer.


In the previous version, when some users were in DETAILS view of a RISK, the associated CONTROLS were not displayed. When CONTROLS section was expanded, the section would automatically close again.

This bug has been fixed, now users can see the Control section

Link to object

Previously, some users were having issues seeing the description of children not being shown in link to object preview.

When users would hover on a link process and then click on Go to Object, users wouldn’t description of the object.

This issue has been resolved and now users can see the Description data.


Previously, some users had issues editing objects after cancelling an approval or endorsement cycle. Now, user can edit their object without any issues when approval or endorsement cycles are cancelled.


In the previous version , some users would create a description using brackets. When users would try to edit it, they would notice that the text between brackets was not being displayed and if save the information would be lost.

This is no longer a process, if users write text in brackets in the description and try to edited they wont loose the information.


EPC Process swimlane

In the previous version, the positions of some materials changed if a new swimlane was added to the top. Now, the materials maintain their position.

Copy Rasci in Graph

Some users were having issues copying the RASCI from flow objects, when pasting the flow object would take the responsible as the one in the swimlane. This issue has been solved. Now, users can copy the flow object and the correct RASCI is copied.

Flow Objects

Before in EPC, users encounter a problem when editing a graph and moving Flow Objects, the moved objects would move outside of swimlane after moving shape and running auto layout.

This is no longer a problem, when moving objects and using auto-layout the Flow Objects remain in their lanes.


Before, when a event/gateway name was set to annotation, and shape was double-clicked in edit, there will be an annotation of the name and an icon of the name. If the user expands the name icon, then there will be 2 name annotations.

Now, the labels are working properly. if users selected in Mapp Options Name Gateway as Annotation then the written name is displayed. If users selected in Map Options Name Gateway as ICON, then an icon is displayed.

Gateway /Event Name

In the previous version, If Gateway/ Event name was set to icon or annotation in Map Options. when some users in Edit process, double-clicked the Flow Objects to edit existing name, the name label would appear empty

Now in EPC, when users double-click on shape that already has a name, the text is displayed.

Flow Objects names

Previously, when creating a new process, the names of the flow objects were displayed in capital letters.

Now, the names of the flow objects appear in lower case letters.

Map Options

Before, when some system admin or an environment admin were in Map Options, they weren’t able to see the button Save as Environment Default

Now, users can see the two buttons.


Before, when comparing the versions of a process, the asset would show the wrong name in the older version. Now this is not a problem, the right name of the asset is displayed when comparing.

Map Settings – Performance Color Settings

Previously, some users noticed that in Map Settings, Performance color setting was being displayed and node color was hidden when users system didn’t have Performance module license. This have been fixed. Now, if users don’t have Performance module license, the performance color setting in Map settings is hidden and the node color remains displayed.

Swimlane name

In the previous version, some users noticed that the title of the role in the swimlane switched to none in compare and all objects have yellow highlight for no reason

As we can see in our image, this is no longer a problem.

Event/Gateway Annotation

Previously, some users experienced problems with the position of event and gateways names. Once users set the positions of the names and Save&Close, the name was positioned above the annotation.

This is no longer a problem. Now, when users position the annotation, they keep their respective positions.

List Page

Capability Module

In the previous version, some users in Capability or Process module noticed a double load of the page. In EPC 13.0 this is no longer an issue.

Multi – Custom Attributes

Before, when editing the Custom Attribute of several objects and adding images to the Text fields, the changes would not be saved and an error would appear. Now, users can save form without any problem.


Previously, when a object was published and then moved to another set, if the second set was published, the objects would appear back in the first set. This is no longer an issue, the object are moved correctly and stayed where they were moved.

Filtering Process by Parent

Before, some users were having issues filtering processes by parent. Now, this is not longer a process.

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