In EPC offline mobile app, when users are in their phone or tablet, users can save processes offline. Any sub-process is automatically saved too. As a result, users can see their processes and sub-processes offline whenever and at anytime.


To facilitate the vision of the process graph, when users are in the offline option, then in GRAPH page the main focus is the process graph. there users can zoom in and zoom out.

How it works

To set a process offline, users navigate to the three-lines icon on the top left of the page and select process module.

Then select the process they wish to see and use the arrows in the top right side to go to LIST page of the process.

There, users can use the arrows in the right side of the screen to go back to the tree of the module. Also, they can navigate between GRAPH, DETAILS and LIST page

In GRAPH page, in this tab, users can save locally the process to access it offline. Users have to click in the phone icon on the right side. then a confirmation message appears Save locally” in green.

They can also save the process locally from DETAILS page

To set the app offline, users can go to their profile by clicking on the three-dots icon on the top right of the page.

Once in the profile page, scroll down to the end of the page. there, users can select go offline

EPC will stop using data or wi-fi and show all the processes and any sub process inside of then that have been save locally. To go to the process, users can click on the name of the process and they will be redirected to the DETAILS page of their process offline.

Once in detail page, users can see the details of the process and also have the option to unsaved the process locally. To do it, users have to simply expand the Button menu in the blue bubble and click on the phone icon

In the GRAPH page, the user sees the offline graph that they saved.

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