In the new Capability module in EPC, users have the Graph Page, there users find the hierarchy of the set, capabilities and sub-capabilities. Also, the hierarchy graph in capability highlights the importance given to each capability in Business Value, Importance to Strategy and technical Health. This makes easier for the analyst to review and analyze the capabilities of the processes.

How it Works

To use this feature, when users are in Graph page, users select a set in capability tree. There, the box representing the set is display in the middle of the page. To view the capabilities in the set, users can click on the + in the tree or the graph. Then the capabilities inside of the set or the capability are shown.

In addition, users can view the technical health or importance strategy in the hierarchical chart by clicking on the arrow next to the business value to expand the list. There, users can select between technical health or importance strategy and business value.

Users can also, fit the graph to the page, set full screen and zoom in and out by clicking on the option on the top.

In Open button Menu, users have the option to print, favorite, share and subscribe and unsubscribe.

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