Now in EPC, users can easily create a document with different templates on document creation or from GRAPH and DETAILS page for the other modules. This allows users to extract the information of an object based on a selected template.


Generate Book

Generate Book from Template

How it Works

To use the Generate Book feature, users can click on the object book icon in GRAPH and DETAILS page in all modules*, there users have the option to select the template and then a Document generates from the selected template with the information of the object .

To use the Generate Book from Template feature, from the form add New Document, users select the type of document as Generate from template and choose the template to be use for the document.

Note: In the form, Select SOP Process is no longer required for all documents.

Once the document has been created, then users can click in Document module, go to DETAILS page of a document object. There users can find icon , when clicking on it, users will download the document with the chosen template on creation of the document if selected.

*Glossary module does not include this feature

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