In Parser in EPC, users can access the export settings in the settings icon located on the top right of the page.

How it works

To set up the Export for Parser when a document is parsed and users are ready to export data to EPC, users are able to choose between 2 options : Create New objects or Create and re-use

1. Go to Settings
On the top right of the screen users can find the settings window

2. Find the export tab

The two available options :

- Create new object : When Exporting to EPC, all the tagged elements will be exported as new EPC objects

- Create and Reuse : All existing EPC objects will be used if they were previously created and all new objects will be created

Example of behaviours

Given we tagged the words “Billing Process” As “Process Name” in Parser and we export the Object :

1. IF the object is already existing in EPC (Object_Name= Billing Process AND Object_Type = Process Name) : It will be matched and will not create a new object

2. IF the object doesn’t have a description in EPC. While, in Parser – As a user, I associated a Process Description to the Process Name (Billing Process) : It will update the existing object with the new Description.

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