Essential projects is a great tool for developing in-depth technical IT enterprise architecture asset and data blueprints, however, it lacks the process alignment, functionality for managing quality, compliance and improvement initiatives and isn’t a tool made for the everyday employee to do their work (training, SOPs, WI, continuous improvement)

The IT department have documented and are responsible for managing certain informational entities like assets, and meta data within their EA solution. Business requires this information to align it with the business processes, documents, regulations, risks, controls, capabilities, etc., however, they do not want to duplicate the effort to manage it in another location and it isn’t within their responsibility to manage these information entities either.

To offer a solution to this issue, EPC has created the Interfacing’s Essential Project middleware bi-directional sync automatically updates the EPC whenever an IT asset is created or updated and inversely creates and updates the relationships of those assets within Essential to other business informational entities so that IT benefits also benefits from the insight into the touchpoints across the business without requiring any additional analysis work by their team.

EPC’s new middleware allows for application management, data exchange and synchronization between both solutions:

  • Synchronize Resources, Organization units, Assets and Systems
  • Synchronize object attributes
  • Add, manage and synchronize relationships between various objects (process, assets, resources, etc.)

How it works

To use this feature, users create an objects in EPC and this is automatically created in EA Solutions.

For Example: if users create a process in EPC and creates the relationship with to the respective org unit, resource, asset or role responsible of it. Then this objects are created automatically in EAS solution.

When users create objects in EAS, then these objects are also created in EPC

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