In the new Capability module, users lock and unlock objects, restore file objects and control user permissions in the Capabilities module.

In system Admin, modelers and system administrators can add new users or synchronize them with the active directory. Only the system administrator has access to all users and groups in the system. He or she can edit the information, the access given to users and add users to different environments and groups. The system Admin can also define which groups are Admin, Modelers, and have web app access

In the Environment Admin, the system administrator and modelers can edit the module security in an environment. In this tab, they can allow users or groups to have access or not to the capabilities module in the environment they are in. Furthermore, in Archive tab, they can restore deleted objects and in GENERAL tab, they can lock, unlock objects.

These features allow businesses to have control over the security of the module and keep the integrity of the architecture of their businesses safe.

How it Works

In Environment Admin

  • The General tab allows users to view any locked capabilities under Locked Objects. It also allows users to unlock any capabilities from the table.

  • The Archive Tab includes the deleted capabilities or capability sets. Capability objects can be restored one at a time. If the parent and the child objects were deleted together, the parent and all child objects will be restored. If the user wishes to restore an object whose parent status is “deleted” or “locked”, click the Restore button.

  • The Module Security Tab allows the admin to give or remove rights to view the capability module by checking it on of off. The module security tab will allow a user or a user that is part of a group to be included in the capability module.

In System Admin:

System Administrators go to Users and Groups tabs, there, they can give them read, write and delete permission to allow to view and edit content in capability module

  • View the module requires read permission
  • View and Editing require read/write permission
  • Deleting, View and editing requires write delete, write, read permission

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